Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Material Monsters

In Science we have been learning about different materials and thinking about what objects they are used in.  Today we decided to make our own material monsters using a variety of materials and we will then label the different materials we used using scientific words such as smooth, shiny, rough, hard and transparent.

The children loved designing and making their own monsters and were extremely proud to show off their hard work.

Thursday, 13 September 2018


Wow!  What a busy day we have had.  The children all loved moving around the Key Stage and making bread which looked lovely and I'm hoping tasted just as good.  We also made fire landscape pictures by mixing and smudging oil pastels, practised mixing colours in paint to show how yellow and red can make orange as well as making excellent fire headbands which they all enjoyed making and wearing.

In the afternoon we practised balancing over an imaginary fire - a few of us got burnt toes.  We also practised passing the hot fire quickly and not dropping the fire as well as working as a team to pass water from one end to the other just as they would have in The Great Fire of London.

The children all loved the day and said how much they enjoyed the different activities.

George "It was great doing the water run and making the bread because I could stretch it like slime."

Ava "The best bit of the day was making bread - I made a doughnut."

April "I enjoyed pretending to put the fire out."

Solomon - "I liked making the bread, balancing and doing the water run because you had to pass it to each other."

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